The Mattapoisett Historical Society

Mattapoisett Historical Society
History is Here (Mattapoisett Noir Series) June 6, 2015

The Mattapoisett Historical Society was founded in 1958 by a group of highly engaged and motivated citizens whose goal was to ensure that Mattapoisett’s history was not forgotten. It is a vital educational center and repository for our town.

The collection is housed in a church built in 1821 and an attached replica of a 200 year old carriage house. It includes many objects of fine art, ethnographic interest, and educational importance. Visitors enjoy educational programs, exhibits and community events focusing on Mattapoisett’s shipbuilding and agricultural past as well as the history of the SouthCoast of Massachusetts.

The Mattapoisett Historical Society offers a variety of programs for all age groups and abilities, including lectures, walking tours, family activities, youth programs, interactive exhibits, and high school internships.

Please consider becoming a member of this important local institution.